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Data protection

Northwood Hills Residents’ Association (NHRA) Data Protection Policy
The NHRA Data Protection Policy is designed to protect the personal data held by NHRA.

  1. When you pay/renew your membership subscription/become a member of NHRA you are consenting (opting in) to allow us to store your name, address and any other information you provide, such as an e-mail address and/or phone number in order for us to contact you/provide you with a copy of our newsletter, other information and updates.  The data is required solely for communication between NHRA and members and is used for no other purpose.

  2. The names of NHRA Committee Members and their contact details, where applicable, will be published in our newsletter, web site, and written communications.

  3. Should you wish us to remove your data from our records you should in the first instance contact our Hon Secretary or our Membership Secretary who will arrange to remove all of the relevant personal data from our records.

  4. The NHRA joint Data Protection Officers are the NHRA Hon. Secretary and Membership Secretary.  Their contact details can be found on the Committee page.

  5. It is not the intention of NHRA to divulge personal data we hold to third parties or un-unauthorised third parties.    
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